By Niealie Petit

The human psyche is a treasure-trove of maladies; but, there is none so prevalent as anxiety. Anxiety affects countless people throughout the globe. In fact, many people are, oftentimes, mentally, emotionally, and physically paralyzed by their anxiety. However, there is a cure for this mental ailment that plagues so many; A renewed mind, which can only be achieved through a complete mental, emotional, and physical surrender to Jesus Christ. Simply put, Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer; who can cure man of all anxiety, fear, worry, & doubt.

God is the cure-all for whatever mental, emotional, or physical illness that ails man. His care, concern, and love for mankind provide such peace and joy in the heart of man that neither physical nor mental illness can permanently reside within him. The mere thought of God and his omnipotent power can banish any sense of anxiety or fear.

In fact, in a research study shared in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, the principle researchers found that “…Religiosity is related to psychological well-being even in situations of severe illness…religious belief…that God is real as opposed to [a] myth or [an] abstraction… [but the belief that he is a]…compassionate and supportive father…[has been proven] to lower reported psychological anxiety 
symptoms and…[has been shown to weaken]…the use of avoidance strategies to cope with stress” (Testoni, Capozza, Shams, Visintin, & Carlucci, 2016).

Complete reliance on Jesus Christ makes all the difference, in the world, when one is facing the malaise of mental discontent.
What is more, is that surrendering one’s full-self mind, body, soul, & spirit to Jesus Christ causes great mental liberation and mind renewal because of the realization that God is sovereign. He knows all, controls all, sees all and is everywhere at all times. There is absolutely nothing that exists outside of his control. Thus, this knowledge, alone, gives man absolute comfort and peace of mind.

Additionally, through the study of the Bible, (which is not only the word of God, but God himself); can and will set man free from any mental illness or hardship that may befall him. Mental health expert Richard L. Schultz (2001) asserts that when man “finds his own place within the Biblical story, and indwells it as the true story of the world that we are currently living in…and understands that God is the author that gives shape and direction to human life;” his feelings of anxiety will cease. He will understand with complete certainty that God, through his great love, will show him unmerited mercy and grace and give him inexplicable peace as he walks throughout his life.

This knowledge leads to an even greater thought, which is that man’s unwavering faith in God is what causes true mind renewal and banishes any existence of anxiety. Because, although, God is the ultimate healer, I believe that it is only when he sees man’s steadfast faith in him that he is moved to heal him of all that ails him. God wants man to trust him and to have faith in him, no matter what.

Non-believers and detractors of God may say that believing that God is the cure-all to every and anything that ails man is farcical. They may even argue that to believe so steadfastly in Jesus Christ, and his ability to heal one’s mind is like trading one form of mental illness for another. Nevertheless, I challenge them to find anyone who has ever truly and completely submitted themselves to God, yet continues to experience the same worries, fears, and doubts as someone who has not. I am reminded of a statement that my Pastor once made in a Sunday sermon; No one has ever given themselves to Jesus Christ and later said that they regretted it.

“19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?” (Numbers 23:19, King James Bible). In his word God promises to heal, deliver, protect, keep, provide for, and never leave or forsake his people. And, his readiness to heal those who ask and believe him to do so, is an example of this.

It goes without saying that anxiety strips you of your sense of purpose and of self. It leaves you in a perpetual state of internal chaos and confusion. There is no rest in the innermost parts of a man when anxiety abounds. It is equivalent to being aboard a ship that is tossed to and fro on a deep, dark, and violent sea. However, when you ask God to heal your mind and you believe him to do it; God is the peace that instantaneously calms that deep, dark, and violent sea. And, causes the sun to appear and the beauty of the 
sea to present itself gently beneath the vessel that is man. So, that man can then traverse the waters of life with complete confidence in God because he knows that God is always there leading, guiding, and protecting him.
The Bible says that “God wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed upon him: because he trusteth in thee” (Isaiah 26:3, King James Bible).

Besides, I know from my own personal experience with God, of his transformative powers. Through having complete faith and trust in God and his word, I have learned and am continuing to learn, as I build my relationship with him, how to apply the scriptures to my life, in and out, of times of adversity. The word of God has provided me with true counseling and guidance. I have found that through the application of the scriptures of God to my life I have received true deliverance from the root causes of my own feelings of anxiety, fear, worry, and doubt.
Moreover, at the heart of anxiety is fear. And, fear is nothing more than a tactic that the devil uses to get us to lose faith in God; because he knows that once our faith in God begins to falter that it opens the doors of our minds and our hearts to allow him in. Consequently, we must be so careful not to allow this to happen. So, whenever we do feel any sense of mental unease or doubt that is the time when we must focus, even the more, upon the supremacy and love of Jesus Christ.

A mental change is always possible with God. And, there is nothing greater than to know that when you are in need of mental renewal, physical healing, or spiritual revitalization that he shall give it to you if you simply ask and believe him to do it. “Jesus loves to free his people from their anxieties and fears. He exalts his power and superiority by working to take away that which troubles us” (Piper,1973).

In the end, God is truly the author and the finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). He will not hesitate to provide us both mental and physical healing and deliverance if we require them. All he asks of us is to simply have faith in him, to trust in him, and believe that there is nothing too great or too minuscule in this world that he will not do for those who follow him. At the end of the day, it remains as true as when I initially stated it; Jesus Christ is quite simply, the ultimate healer; he, can cure man of all anxiety, fear, worry, or doubt.

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