Jeffery Archie


Pastor Jeffery Archie serves as the Pastor of Moments of Blessings Sacramento Ministry. He is the leader of the Monday Night Bible Program School Program and also coordinate events with the Youth Department.

Rose Kirk

Women's Department Head

Missionary Rose Kirk serves as Head of the Women's Department and helps lead all special fellowship events.

Maurica Mahan

Head Altar Worker

Sister Maurica Mahan serves as the Head of the Altar Workers at Moments of Blessings.

Randall Love


Elder Randy Love has been a member of the Moments of Blessings Family since he was a child. After returning from college, Elder Love served as a Bible class teacher, deacon, and now an elder.

Phillip Moore

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Phillip Moore serves as Assistant Pastor and leader of the prison ministry outreach team.

Bobby Bradley

Head Deacon

Deacon Bobby Bradley has been a long time member at Moments of Blessings House of Prayer and currently serves as the head of the deacon's board.

Vera Hullum

Church Mother

Mother Vera Hullum serves as the Church Mother at Moments of Blessings and also helps lead special events in the Women's Department.

Julius Johnson

Associate Pastor

Pastor Julius Johnson serves as the assistant pastor and head of the community outreach team at Moments of Blessings House of Prayer.