"Outreach is a big part of what we practice as Believers"

Brotherhood Breakfast

The Church and the Community go hand-in-hand each one strengthens the other. Moreover, having mentally, emotionally, and spiritually sound youth both in the community and in the church only helps to further grow and strengthen both entities and create young people who know themselves, their purpose, and that they are valued and loved by both God and their fellowman.  

Here at Moments of Blessings church community outreach has been and continues to be our priority.  Throughout the years we have configured clubs, services, special events and the like to ensure that we both enrich and empower the youth in the community.

The photograph featured above is a grant ceremony in which Moments of Blessings church was awarded a grant to further support the growth of our Brotherhood Fellowship Breakfast, which is an event that takes place every third Saturday of each month where young men from both the church and the community come together with elders of the church and other community leaders to bond and fellowship, as well as, learn the importance of having a relationship with Christ, what it means to be a man, and how to further uplift and support their fellowman and their community.

Stephon Clark Memorial

Police brutality, gun violence, race relations, and police and community affairs play a very important role in both the church and the community. The many instances of gun violence towards people of color at the hands of law enforcement seems to be at an all-time high and is growing ever prevalent.

One of the young men, Stephon Clark, who unfortunately died on March 18, 2018 at the hands of the Sacramento Police Department, due to what many believe was an extreme display of unnecessary police force and violence was mourned throughout the community. 

His mother Sequette Clark and other mothers and families, who also suffered the loss of a child or loved one as a result of police brutality or gun violence came together to not only console one another in their time of grief,

but also, along with the church joined one another in an effort to figure out a way in which we can prevent and utterly eradicate these senseless acts of violence from occurring.

The road to a solution to this terrible growing epidemic is long, but with Christ all things are possible. This meeting was just the first in which both the church and the community has and will come together to strengthen one another and remind each other that there is a mutual love and support that shall prevail throughout these hard times.