We follow Jesus…with open arms; living and working to invite others to join us on this journey of forgiveness, hope, and love.

Beyond what happens in our personal lives and church experiences, we reach out to share the love of Christ through causes we’re passionate about.

We build on the strengths God has given each of us, partner with community organizations and local churches, and focus on opportunities that span the globe.  Click on one of the buttons below for more information about each cause.

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Our community support SANDS by knitting baby blankets.  We recently had the following message:  Thank you so much for the donation of the beautiful blankets  These are invaluable to parents both to povide their baby with dignity, but also as a precious keepsake from their short time together as a family.  The blankets are very much appreciated.

Our knitters are still hard at work and we continue to support this charity throughout the year.